Recreational Ponds

The Aquascape Recreational Pond Kit 19’ x 24’ comes complete with everything you need to build a beautiful recreation pond with a 19’ x 24’ deep water zone, a 7’ x 10’ intake bay skimmer, and a 10’ x 22’ wetland filter. By bundling the perfect selection of products, this kit eliminates the guesswork and calculations required when purchasing components individually. The powerful external EXT 18000 Pond Pump is included to pump water through the intake bay skimmer, waterfall(s), wetland filter, and water circulation jets. The intake bay draws water in, creating a skimming effect to remove debris from the surface of the water. The pre-filtered water is then pumped through the wetland filter where smaller sediments (suspended solids) are effectively removed, and biological filtration takes place to improve the water quality and clarity naturally.
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